Tanzania Travel Guide to Katavi National Park

Katavi National Park belongs to the beasts of Africa, it always has.

Away from the Crowds

The only people you will see are the lodge staff and other guests. Katavi is really off the beaten track and is perfect for the safari explorer who really wants to get into the wilds of Africa.

Wildlife of Katavi

Katavi National Park is blessed with Lake Katavi in the north and Lake Chada and Katuma River in the south. These water sources provide sustenance for thousands of animals. The watery grasslands and miombo woodlands reverberate with the largest herds of buffaloes on earth!There are up to three thousand Buffalo in one herd, and when they are on the move, they create clouds of dust which can be seen from afar. Where there are Buffalo there are also predators like Hyena, Leopard and the most successful Buffalo hunter of them all - lion!

Lake Chada

Katavi also has another claim to fame - palm-fringed Lake Chada has so many Hippopotamus and Crocodiles, it is said to contain the highest population of both in Africa. Add to this 400 different species of birds and you can understand why Katavi is a very special place for the safari enthusiast.Katavi National Park is Tanzania's third largest park and is an undisturbed natural wilderness away from the mainstream tourist areas.

Katavi National Park Safari Lodges

See Katavi National Park Safari Lodges in Tanzania.

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