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Marketing an African safari destination requires at least one of five features to be present: iconic names, wildlife, beaches, a dramatic event and a ‘next big thing'. Other features that may sell a destination are history, culture, unique activities or wildlife, a ‘largest' and a range of accommodations.With the growth in safari tourism to Africa there are many players competing for acknowledgement. The age-old safari destinations of Kenya and South Africa are now competing with, not only the unique attractions of Malawi, Namibia and Botswana, but the resurgence of Zambia and Mozambique - and innovative new ideas have to be thought up to attract visitors.

Amid all this posturing for position one country seems to stand alone.

Big five of African safari

Iconic names are generally age-old standards that are known throughout the world as attractions, names that people drop in a conversation to add to substance to their conversation. Boasting four of the most recognised names of Africa in Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar Tanzania more than satisfies the needs of the African travellers that want to name-drop and it is these names that have built the legend that is Tanzania Safari.

Wildlife is what most people associate with an African safari and Tanzania has enough dramatic wildlife to satisfy the most-hardened of safari-travellers. From the classic lions-on-the-plains images to some of the best primate viewing on the continent Tanzania has it all and more.

Beach holidays are fast becoming integral parts of African safaris and a Tanzania Beach Safari provides everything from family resorts to intimate getaways in some of the most dramatic coastline in the world. Combine all this with a rich history of seafaring and adventure - and even wildlife on the beach - and you have a place that sells itself on its beaches alone.

There are many dramatic events in Africa such as animal migrations, cultural ceremonies and festivals and Tanzania hosts arguably the most dramatic wildlife event on earth. Known as 'the greatest show on earth' the annual migration of millions of animals across the Serengeti Plains is one of those 'things to do before I die'.

A 'Next Big Thing' is an attraction that has not been well known to the African safari world but has the potential to match or surpass the iconic names. Tanzania's 'next big thing', and certainly one of the most exciting developments in Africa, is the parks and reserves of southern and western Tanzania, including Selous, Ruaha and Mahale Mountains. Long overshadowed by the northern parks of Tanzania the wild, remote and game-rich regions of the south are now gaining the reputation they deserve.

Tanzania - the big five and more

Most countries in Africa have at least one of the Big 5 travel requirements - with some countries boasting more. The tourism marketing of these countries is based on these highlights.

Tanzania is a country that boasts all five attractions - and added to this are other features such as vibrant history, fascinating culture and a range of accommodations for African travellers. In short Tanzania is the only country that provides the complete African safari experience.

Tanzania Safari Guide

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