Location of Selous Impala Camp

Selous Impala Camp is a truly beautiful camp located on the banks of the Rufiji River in Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania.

Few other safaris in Tanzania evoke the romance and spiritual delight of the African bush as Selous Impala Camp, situated in Selous Game Reserve. Selous Game Reserve which forms the basis of the biggest wildlife sanctuary in Africa, covering 75 000 km² of pure wilderness.

It is a unique and untouched habitat bearing many key species and as such, Selous Game Reserve has been designated a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. Selous Game Reserve has a terrific variety of terrain, game, bird and plant species. Get ready for prime game watching at Selous Game Reserve.

Climate at Selous Impala Camp

Selous Impala Camp is close to the equator, so it is usually quite warm. There are rains from March to May and in November and December, when the normally brown dry landscape becomes magically green and beautiful.

Access to Selous Impala Camp

Selous Impala Camp is linked to Dar es Salaam by daily scheduled air services or can be accessed using a private charter, the flight time is about 1 hour. This Tanzania camp is just an half hour's game drive from Mtemere airstrip. 

It is also possible to drive in from Dar es Salaam to the north east, via the Pugu Hills and Mtemere Gate, or using the more northerly route.

GPS Coordinates

7° 42' 27" S
-38° 09' 73" E

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