Guided Game Viewing at Chada Katavi

Chada is for the real Tanzania safari adventurer who likes the feeling of being out in the wild - in the domain of animals rather than humans.

Game Viewing

Chada Katavi safari camp in Tanzania offers game drives in open safari vehicles, during daylight and after dark to see some nocturnal animals. As dusk turns to night, a powerful spotlight is plugged in and the eyes of night animals are caught in the beam, an unforgettable experience on your Tanzania safari in Katavi National Park.

The spotlight is not shined into the eyes of antelope who are temporarily blinded by such strong light, whereas Lion and Hyena have specially adapted retinas to be able to see at night. This is a dangerous time for grazers like Buffalo, Wildebeest and Zebra, as night time is when Lion and other cats usually hunt.

Owners and staff at Chada Katavi go out of their way to create everything you could want from an African wildlife holiday. This might include little luxuries like a bush picnic, spare binoculars for bird watching and the opportunity to take a scenic flight.

Walking Safari

Another way to experience a true Tanzania safari is by foot. To get the essence of an authentic African expedition, you can sleep out at the Chada mobile star camp. Chada Katavi offers one of the most exciting and well-rounded bush walking safaris in Africa. Focused on being a part of nature and moving with its natural rhythm, you can experience nature with a newfound respect and harmony.

All bush walks are guided with well-trained rangers that will take you along the park’s best sightseeing routes. Rich with biodiversity that is unique to Africa, you can witness the beauty of this land up close and experience game viewing like the original explorers of the past.

Spend a night under the rich constellations of Africa’s night sky. After a long day trekking in the sun, you will arrive at your fly camp in the heart of the bush by foot. Your small tent will not be without its comforts. Providing a comfortable bed and a 3-course dinner, you are ensured a memorable and relaxing experience out on the vast plains of the wild. Your bush walk safari at Chada Katavi is one ‘down to Earth’ experience that will change your life forever.

Activities at Chada Katavi

  • Tanzania safari in Katavi National Park
  • Game drives in 4x4 safari vehicles
  • Fly-camping under the Tanzanian stars
  • Outstanding birding excursions
  • Walking safaris in Katavi National Park

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