Things to Do at Ai Aiba Rock Painting Lodge

It's time for an adventure! Lace up your hiking boots, or jump on your mountain bike, and set out to explore the breathtaking Erongo Mountain landscape.

In addition to offering beautiful scenery, Ai Aiba Rock Painting Lodge also offers you a chance to get close to nature on one of its many hiking and cycling trails.

Explore the natural beauty of the area, including the Erongo Mountains, towering granite domes and boulders. But that's not all: at Ai Aiba, you can connect with a lost culture - the San people who once lived in this region.

See Spectacular Rock Art

Ancient paintings and drawings pepper the landscape here and local guides will help you learn about them and their importance to their ancient culture; what they mean; what they tell us about their past; and how they can help us understand our own lives today. 

Guided walks stopping at rock art sites en-route to the San Living Museum are a great way to learn more about San culture. Learn about hunting, snaring, tracking, lighting fire and collecting bush food. The culture of the San is also celebrated with tours that include singing, dancing, lighting a fire, making ropes and San jewellery.

Hike or Bike

Enjoy some solitude on the self-guided trail on the hill above Ai Aiba Lodge. This one hour walking trail is marked by painted arrows and goes past Rain Cloud Cave and Elephant Wall which both boast bushman rock art.

Ai Aiba Rock Painting Lodge has a network of trails allowing mountain bikers the opportunity to explore this spectacular landscape at their own pace.

All trails are well marked and maintained and cater for riders of all skills levels. Remember to BOB (bring your own bike) so you don’t miss out on exploring this captivating landscape.

Explore Erongo

Explore the Erongo Mountain Nature Conservancy on guided nature walks and drives with expert local guides.

Ai Aiba Rock Painting Lodge combos include walks and drives with stops at the best sites to view bushman rock art.

See spectacular rock formations and don’t forget to take a selfie with the massive granite boulders as your backdrop.

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