Damaraland Camp
Damaraland, North West Namibia

The beautiful Damaraland tented camp is located on the north face of the Huab River Valley, with endless vistas across stark plains, ancient valleys and the soaring Brandberg Mountains.
  • Accommodation: En-suite, adobe-style thatched units raised off ground
  • Highlights: Desert-adapted elephant & seasonal wildlife, rock engravings
  • Activities: Nature drives, walks & mountain biking
  • Getting There: Fly-In or 4x4

The rare and endangered Desert Elephant frequents the area and about 85% of Damaraland Camp guests that stay 2 or more nights get to see these amazing desert giants. An African wildlife documentary film has even recorded these enormous Elephants surfing down the sand dunes in this part of northern Namibia!

Other unusual animal sightings are some of the truly wild Black Rhino (not in fenced game reserves), who roam an area to the north of this Namibia lodge in Damaraland (a 3 night stay is needed to see them).

Sturdy long-horned Oryx and Kudu antelope and small flighty Springboks graze on the sparse bushland, and even Lion and Cheetah give some visitors a rare sighting. However, large African wildlife is not concentrated year-round here, the natural cycle of rainfall dictates its seasonal movements along the Huab River.

The Huab River in Damaraland, Namibia, flows only once or twice during the short rainy season and brings the area to life. The rest of the time, early morning mist, created by the meeting of chilly Atlantic breezes and warm desert air drifts in from the coast, providing sustenance to varied life forms. 

Damaraland Camp in Namibia is rated as the most successful eco-tourism venture in the country. It is an unusual venture integrating the local communities, the environment and wildlife on a sustainable basis.

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