Access to Beho Beho Camp, Selous

Beho Beho, a Tanzania game lodge in Selous, is situated in the Selous Game Reserve and is accessible by train, road and plane. Charters can be taken as well since Beho Beho has its own airstrip.

This Tanzania game lodge in Selous Game Reserve is known as 'wansalishi' which means 'the pioneer' when translated from Swahili. The first camp in the northern sector of the Selous Game Reserve, its stone cottages, perched on the lower slopes of Namikwera Hill overlooking Kipalala Hill, offer panoramic views over the Rufiji River flood plain. It is 145 miles south west of Dar es Salaam, as the crow flies, the camp is 3 miles from the grave of Frederick Courteney Selous.

The Selous Game Reserve is situated between 8° and 10° south of the Equator, so it enjoys very warm sunny days and warm evenings. The hillside location of this Tanzania game lodge in Selous enjoys cooling breezes most afternoons. In the rainy season, November to December and April to May there is heavy rainfall during part of the day.

Beho Beho is accessible by road with 4 wheel drive vehicles only, from either the northern gate and regional park HQ of Matambwe (70 kilometres - 2 hrs) or the western gate of Mtemere (110 kilometres - 3 hours). By plane from Dar es Salaam, Beho Beho airstrip is within one kilometre from the camp on a raised plateau bordered with trenches from the first World War.

The flight time is approximately one hour. You can reach Beho Beho in the Selous Game Reserve on scheduled trains from Fuga station, which is a one-and-a-half hour game drive through the plains and dry rivers found in the area. The train takes 4 to 5 hours along the Tazara railway line, which is the Northern boundary to the Selous Game Reserve.

Main Airport:

All Internal flights to Beho Beho leave from Dar es Salaam.

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