Sandboarding in Swakopmund

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Fun for all, Sandboardingdown the sand dunes of the Namib Desert is an exhilarating and absolute adrenalin pumping activity and it is one of the top adventure activities for visitors to Swakopmund in Namibia.The quaint seaside resort town of Swakopmund is located on the north-western coast of Namibia, just 280 kilometres (170 miles) for the country's capital; Windhoek. With its slightly cooler climate and relaxing holiday town atmosphere, Swakopmund is a popular destination for both locals and tourists.Being orientated around tourism and tourist activities, and surrounded on three sides by the red coloured sand of the oldest desert in the world; the Namib Desert, it is not surprising that one of Swakopmund's most popular tourist activities is Sandboarding.A number of different companies offer visitors the service of collecting them from their hotel, guest house, backpackers or bed and breakfast in the town and transporting them to and from the sand dunes. Sandboarding is an excellent form of exercise as you walk up and slide down the dunes and it is also an excellent way to view your surroundings and take in the magnificent scenery of the area.

Lie Down Boarding

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Visitors can choose from 1 of 2 different ways to sandboard. Those that are a little nervous can decide to lie down on their board and zoom down head first reaching speeds of up to 80km/h (50 miles/hour). This fun an exhilarating ride is safe and easy to do, no prior experience is needed, making it ideal for families with children of all ages.

The boards used for sand boarding were originally just simple pieces of board that one could hold onto as you whizzed down the slope. But slowly over the years these have been developed and today visitors are handed a specially crafted and oiled board that has been specially adapted for speeding down the soft, sandy slopes.

Stand Up Boarding

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The second style of sandboarding is very similar to snowboarding; using the snowboard you are given, you stand on the board as if you are surfing and race down the slope. Depending on the incline of the slope, your ride can be really, really fast as sand gives a lot less resistance than snow does.

There are a number of different slopes to try and stand on or slide on your stomachs on and as you grow more confident and your skill levels increase you will be able to ride down steeper and faster slopes. Sand boarding is an adrenalin filled,fantastic, fun-filled activity and is a highly recommended way to spend a morning while visiting Namibia.

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