Swakopmund and Namibian Coast

Namibia was once a German colony and this is clearly demonstrated in Namibia's second largest town - Swakopmund. It is even known as 'Little Bavaria' due to its quaint architecture and Germanic influences.

What You Can Look Forward to in Swakopmund

This atmospheric coastal town is the main holiday destination for Namibians, and is a base for adventure trips and scenic flights along the coast and over the spectacular desert.

The ocean provides relief from the inland heat with a sea breeze and coastal fog, but the desert is only moments away and must be traversed to get from Swakopmund to anywhere else. Drive north of Swakopmund on the straight sandswept coastal road, and you will arrive at the amazing spectacle of 100,000 Cape Fur Seals.The smell at Cape Cross Seal Colony can get a bit much at times but the cavorting, fighting, sleeping and snoring of so many seals is fascinating to watch. Only 4x4 vehicles tend to venture further north as the road leads to the desolate Skeleton Coast, where a skull and crossbones sign warns visitors not to stray into this hostile land. A fly-in safari to this area will attract those with a real sense of adventure.

Heading south of Swakopmund to Walvis (Whale) Bay, the desert announces its presence with several huge orange sand dunes. Dune boarding and quad biking are favorite activities here. Walvis Bay is a busy industrial fishing port, but the tranquil lagoon is full of pink Flamingos feeding on Algae and small Crustaceans.


Although Swakopmund lies in a true desert, the cold Benguela current flowing south to north up Namibia's Atlantic coast, acts as a moderating influence. The climate is temperate and the town receives little rain (less than 15mm per annum). However, the sea mist creates moisture and sustains plants and lichens up to 100km (156 miles) inland.In the interior during the summer months, temperatures exceed 35°C (95°F), but Swakopmund is a cool haven from the heat and temperatures remain pretty stable year round. Occasionally things heat up a bit as the easterly wind blows hot desert air over the town.

Swakopmund Temperatures

Average Minimum/Maximum Temperatures
  • January 54-77 (°F) 12-25 (°C)
  • Februar 54-73(°F)  12-23  (°C)
  • March 54-73(°F)  12-23  (°C)
  • April 59-77(°F)  15-25  (°C)
  • May 59-77(°F)  15-25  (°C)
  • June 64-82 (°F) 18-28  (°C)
  • July 59-82(°F)  15-28  (°C)
  • August 59-82(°F)  15-28  (°C)
  • September 54-77(°F)  12-25  (C)
  • October 54-77 (°F) 12-25  (°C)
  • November 54-77 (°F) 12-25  (°C)
  • December 54-77 (°F) 12-25  (°C)

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