Namibia Nature Reserves

Namibia Nature Reserves from north to south include; Mahango, Mangetti, Von Bach, Cape Cross, National West Coast Recreation Area, NamibRand, Naute Recreational Resort.Well-known Namibia Nature Reserves like the NamibRand in the desert or the Cape Cross seal colony near the Atlantic Ocean attract a lot of visitors. Namibia also boasts lesser known or smaller reserves built near the Okavango River or dams. Water sports like sailing or wind surfing draw people to these areas. Seeing unusual species or unique desert adapted plants are other factors why Namibia Nature Reserves are so famous.Let your Siyabona Africa Consultant recommend Namibia Safari Lodges situated in or near the Namibia Nature Reserves you are interested in visiting.

Mahango Game Reserve

Mahango Game Reserve, now connected to the Bwabwata National Park, is located on the Okavango River. This reserve is significant due to its riverine forests and Okavango floodplains with Baobabs on the edges. Herds of Elephant can be seen here, the Red Lechwe and an amazing 400 bird species.

Crocodiles and Hippos also love the river; visitors should stay out of the water. In the east the road follows the river and affords great views over the floodplains, in the west it is characterised by dense dry forest, 4x4 vehicles are required to follow these routes.

Mangetti Game Reserve

This area in the Kavango region, is primarily used for game breeding by the Government, excess game from other areas is trans-located here.

Von Bach Game Reserve

This very small reserve is located just south of Okahandja and is a popular area for watersports like sailing, water skiing, boating and wind surfing. Visitors wont see much game but there are opportunities to discover the reserve on foot.

Cape Cross Seal Reserve

A stone cross was erected here in 1486 by a Portuguese seafarer by the name of Diego Cao, in honour of his King. The area has now become home to over around 150 000 fur seals, especially in the breeding season which occurs in November and December. The reserve is 130km (81 miles) north of Swakopmund heading towards the Skeleton Coast and falls within the National West Coast Recreation Area.

National West Coast Recreation Area

This stretch of coastline covers 200km (124 miles) from the Swakop River (Swakopmund) north to the Ugab River which is the gateway to the Skeleton Coast. Henties Bay and the Cape Cross Seal colony fall into this area. Due the fields of lichen and fragile eco-system visitors are not allowed to drive off road here. The lichen is very slow growing and relies on the coastal fogs for moisture. This coastline is popular with anglers and 4x4 enthusiasts.

NamibRand Nature Reserve

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Nestled between the Namib Naukluft Park and the Nubib Mountain range, the NamibRand Nature Reserve is the largest private conservation area of Namibia. It can be reached by going south out of Sesriem and covers an area of 200 000 hectares. The landscapes to be found here encompass typical red Namibia sand dunes, rugged mountains and vast plains with small splashes of colour at the turn of the seasons.

Nature lovers and photographers will love the serene atmosphere. Game stocks are being replenished and visitors can now see Oryx, Ostriches and Springbok. There are guided hiking adventures over several days, like the Tok Tokkie Trail where a new understanding of the incredible flora and fauna can be gained, drives and fantastic hot air ballooning.

Naute Recreation Resort

Located 50km (31 miles) south west of Keetmanshoop, this area has only recently been created around the dam on the Lowen River, the 3rd largest dam in Namibia. It is popular for fresh water fishing and watersports and there are a few basic picnic sites. Animals are not often seen but the water is a good for swimming and a paradise for birds. The lake is surrounded by big rusty coloured boulders and flat topped ridges.

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