Kaokoland Activities

Kaokoland in Namibia boasts activities like bird-watching at the Epupa Falls, visits to Himba settlements or canoeing on the Kunene River. Spot desert dwelling Elephants on a Kaokoland safari.

Visit the OvaHimba people in Kaokoland

The extraordinary Himba tribes in Namibia are semi-nomadic, moving from place to place with the seasons and from one water source to another. Until recently, the OvaHimba lived an almost stone-age existence, herding mainly cattle and goats and living in dome shaped huts.

The Himba women in Kaokoland are very statuesque and spend many hours on personal grooming which is part of their culture and also practical in such a desolate place. An enriching mixture of butterfat and red ochre is mixed with an aromatic resin and applied to their skin. Himba women and children braid their hair in elaborate styles and wear jewellery that they make from various materials like sea shells, woven reeds and copper.
A number of lodges and camps in the Kaokoveld, northern Namibia, offer cultural excursions to meet the Himba or you can secure the services of a guide, preferably someone who is experienced and knowledgeable. The Himba in Namibia are a proud people, living a unique existence and finding ways to adapt despite modern-day vices, the increase in tourism and sometimes insensitive curiosity. Visitors should ensure that the Himba settlement gains real benefit from touring activities.

Explore the Kunene River in northern Namibia

Enjoy canoeing or river rafting on the Kunene River in Kaokoland, Namibia. The Kunene River flows all year, truly a remarkable thing in such an arid landscape and what a relief for the diverse wildlife including crocodiles in this area! This beautiful river forms the natural border between Namibia and Angola. The lush river banks and mountain scenery are surrounded by a desert landscape. This area has become a sought after frontier destination for adventures on the water and in the surroundings. View Kunene River Accommodation

Visit the Epupa Falls in Kaokoveld

The Kunene River is mostly navigated between Ruacana and Epupa Falls, Kaokoland, northern Namibia. It meanders through palm forests and arid regions with rugged mountains until it plunges into a deep gorge in a series of cascades - the Epupa Falls.

This scenic region in northern Namibia is great for bird watching and photography. The Epupa Falls area a bird-watchers paradise. Listen to the sound of the twittering birds and spot Lovebirds, Bee-eaters, Flycatchers or Bulbuls flying over the many rock pools and through the spray of the falls. This tranquil and idyllic environment with various river channels s also home to the African Fish Eagle. Don't miss the unique chance of flying over the falls.
Enjoy beautiful African vegetation with baobabs and fig trees and watch a deep red sunset in Kaokoland, Namibia. A gentle sundowner cruise can be enjoyed at sunset or river rafting and canoeing with a variety of rapids en-route. You can also get out and about on mountain bikes. Epupa Falls in Kaokoland, Namibia, is a lovely spot and there are a number of hikes you can do and rock pools to take a dip in. Rose quartz crystals can be found on the ground and even stone implements from another age.

Track desert dwelling Elephants in Kaokoland

The southern Kaokoland also has many attractions for 4x4 safaris or fly-in tours with the opportunity to track the desert dwelling Elephant gaining importance. These amazing animals as well as Black Rhino, Giraffe and Lion have adapted to a desert environment, finding ways to survive and traversing vast areas of land in search of water and food sources.

Water occasionally flows into the dry riverbeds in the Kaokoland, northern Namibia, and natural springs bring relief to the harsh conditions. Bordering the interior of the Skeleton Coast Park, the Hoarusib River Valley near Puros is a good place to see the Elephant and other wildlife. Cultural interactions with the OvaHimba and visits to the ancient Rock Art paintings at Giribisvlakt are also offered in this region of the Kaokoveld.

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