FAQ about Zambia Health Requirements

Frequently asked questions about health requirements before traveling to Zambia.

How is emergency medical cover and travel insurance arranged?

Medical Travel Insurance must be purchased before you arrive in Zambia. Make sure that the insurance includes emergency air evacuation coverage if you are going to remote areas of Zambia. Your travel consultant who plans your trip will be able to help you with getting insurance.

What vaccinations or medications should I get before my trip to Zambia?

A yellow fever certificate is a required if you are travelling from an infected area to Zambia. Please make sure to get vaccinations for cholera, tetanus and yellow fever, as you never know when an outbreak occurs, especially in the rainy season. Consult your doctor to make sure that you get all the up-to-date health information before your trip.

Do I need to take malaria precautions?

Throughout Zambia, malaria is common. Please consult your doctor at least two weeks in advance before going on safari in Zambia. Make sure to use mosquito repellent and make sure that your accommodation has mosquito nets. At night wear long sleeve clothing, long pants and socks.

Is the water safe to drink?

In the big towns you can drink water from the tap. Bottled water can also be bought in the various shops. In remote areas, make sure to boil the water first. If you are staying at a lodge or a hotel, the water has already been purified. Please note that you should only eat meat that is well cooked and preferably served hot.

What safety issues should I consider while traveling in Zambia?

Like any other country, Zambia does have crime. It is best to take precautions like holding onto your belongings, keeping your cameras safe and making sure all documentation is safe. Lusaka is known for petty crime like bag snatching, pick pocketing and vehicle theft. In the rural areas, it's usually safe.

If you are travelling with a tour, your guides will ensure that you are safe as they know the destinations very well. Always make sure to put valuables in the hotel safe and lock your hotel room when you leave. Visitors are asked to be alert and use common sense. Don't carry large amounts of cash on you, don't walk alone at night, and watch your belongings in crowded places.

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