North Luangwa National Park Safari Lodges

North Luangwa National Park in Zambia is the most untouched wilderness area in Africa. The Park is not open to the general public and access is restricted to walking safaris.

For more than 30 years North Luangwa National Park was not open to anyone besides the Department of Wildlife rangers. In 1984 the untouched wildlife area was opened to the public for guided walking safaris in Zambia and game drives. The vegetation ranges from Mopane Treesto riverine forest to open grasslands and Acacia thickets.

Access to North Luangwa National Park is via scheduled flights to Mfuwe International Airport or private charters. Guests are driven by car to the National Park. The park is only accessible in the dry season from June to October.

The region is well known for its large herds of buffalo and plentiful general game. To experience Africa at its most untouched see below North Luangwa National Park safari lodges in Zambia

Mwaleshi Camp

This remote rustic camp is for Zambia safari enthusiasts who want to feel the earth beneath their feet. Mwaleshi Camp, located in the vast w...more

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