Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia

The Lower Zambezi National Park in south eastern Zambia lies on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River. Wildlife including Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Antelope, Hippo and many species of birds call Lower Zambezi National Park their home.

Lower Zambezi National Park

Covering an area of 4092 square km, Zambia's newest National Park is a delight for visitors wanting a total wilderness experience the Park has very little development and offers awesome close ups of game moving around the Zambezi River channels.

This Park and the Mana Pools Reserve in Zimbabwe are on opposite sides of the river and together form a huge sanctuary for wildlife and with exceptional game viewing. Next to the Lower Zambezi National Park is the Chiawa Game Mangement Area.

The Zambezi riverside has a thick fringe of riverine vegetation which gives way to the floodplains, mopane forest and winter thorn trees. The hills as a backdrop are covered in broadleaf woodlands. Most of the game is found on the valley floor enclosed in the north by the escarpment. Visitors can enjoy great day and night adventurous safari game drives and also night drives to see how the other half live so to speak! Walking safaris with a guide also give visitors a different perspective.

The Zambezi River is wonderful for fishing and canoeing. Fishing enthusiasts can spend time exploring all the best spots on the river and there are many! Anglers can pit their skills against the Tiger Fish as well as Bream and a type of catfish called Vundu. The fish are healthy and can weigh as much as a small child!

For a blissful glide along the water, guided canoeing is always very rewarding. Whether on a daily paddle - where visitors and their guide are collected further down stream by Zambia lodge staff, or longer over 2 or more days visiting camps along the way, this activity is highly recommended. This is not a strenuous adventure as the current pulls the canoe along easily while the occupants enjoy the magnificent weightless feeling, and game viewing from close range.


Zambia experiences 3 dramatic seasons. Traditionally the dry season, April to October has been the time for game viewing as the vegetation is less lush allowing better opportunities to see, but many visitors like the wet season also with lodges either open through to November or year round. Fishing is superb in September and October.

The average temperature in summer is between 25C to 35C (77  95 Fahrenheit) and in winter from 6C to 24C (43  75 Fahrenheit).  Zambia generally has a moderate climate with intense heat felt usually in the valleys.

Hot and dry: From August to October, game concentrations are at their height toward the end of this period, October is also the hottest month.

Cool and dry: Warm, sunny days and cool nights characterise the period from May to August which are the dry winter months.

Warm and wet: From November to March, the rainy season is magnificent; vegetation takes on a vibrant green colour becoming a lush jungle.


Lower Zambezi National Park may not have the same diversity as other Parks, but the opportunities are superb for game viewing both on land and by canoe, the valley floor is relatively small and hosts many of the bigger mammals.

Kudu, Zebra, Hippo, Crocodile, Impala and Warthog all live here  with up to 100 member herds of Elephant can be seen on the riverbanks, island hopping Buffalo and also waterbuck are often seen.

The Park has fine populations of Lion and Leopard. Visitors may also see Eland, Roan and the Samango Monkey. A variety of animals that come out at night are Hyena, Civet, Genet, Porcupine and the Honeybadger.


Many visitors have heard the cry of the Fish Eagle! These incredible birds can be seen and heard from quite a distance. Birding is fantastic along the riverbanks. Bee-eaters love nesting on the cliffs, other birds that can be seen include the Guinea Fowl, Black Eagle, Red Winged Pranticole and also many Quelea. The Trumpeter Hornbill, Lilians Lovebird and Meyers Parrot are other Park specialities. The Narina Trogon also lives here in the summer.


The Lower Zambezi National Park is underdeveloped and does not have structures in place for tourist vehicles. Most visitors take private charters so that Lodges and Camp operators can arrange transfers from the nearest airstrip or town. There are a variety of options in this regard depending on where your Lower Zambezi accommodation is.

Lower Zambezi National Park Safari in Zambia

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