Victoria Falls Places of Interest

Victoria Falls has many attractions and places of interest, worth paying a visit on your Victoria Falls holiday. You won't want to miss visiting any of these must-see places.
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Mosi-oa-Tunya Park - Exploring Victoria Falls

Mosi-oa-Tunya Park is a protected area on the Zambian side of the river. Covering only 66km2, it is the smallest national park in Zambia but includes the Zambian side of Victoria Falls and the river upstream....more

Devils Cataract on the Zimbabwe Side

Devil's Cataract, on the Zimbabwe side of the Falls, is the lowest of the five Falls, with a drop of 60m. It is separated from the rest of the Falls by Boaruka Island...more

Livingstone Island at Victoria Falls

Livingstone Island and Rainbow Falls can best be seen from Viewpoint XI on the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls during the dry season....more

On the Knife Edge of the Victoria Falls

This spectacular walk along the Knife Edge of the precipice is the only way to view Victoria Falls from the Zambian side. It can be accessed shortly after the Zambian border post...more

Chain Walk at Victoria Falls

From the top of the Chain Walk, you can take a path in an easterly direction along the path that runs parallel to Victoria Falls. Here, the rainforest becomes thicker...more

Victoria Falls Danger Point

Danger Point is exactly that. An exposed, rocky promontory with low shrubs and grasses, which is often buffeted by wind. Danger Point is on the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls....more

Eastern Cataract at Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Eastern Cataract with Devil's Cataract in the distance. Zimbabwe on the right and Zambia to the left. During the dry season, it is sometimes possible to...more

The Boiling Pot and Palm Grove at Victoria Falls

The Boiling Pot is the launching site of the white water rafting trips. It can be accessed from the Zimbabwean or Zambian side below the Victoria Falls Bridge...more

The Smaller Victoria Falls - Armchair, Horseshoe and Rainbow Falls

The smaller Victoria Falls includes Armchair Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Rainbow Falls - all well worth a visit....more

Victoria Falls Railway Bridge

The Victoria Falls Bridge over Second Gorge has been described by writers Jan and Fiona Teede as a "hideous monument to Victorian vanity" but today it is accepted as a quaint relic of the past and an iconic...more

David Livingstone Statue

Livingstones' statue on the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls. In recent times, the statue of David Livingstone has survived two attempts to have it removed....more

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