Victoria Falls Danger Point

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Danger Point at Victoria Falls.
Danger Point is exactly that. An exposed, rocky promontory with low shrubs and grasses, which is often buffeted by wind. The rocks here are extremely slippery and visitors should stay away from the edge. Danger Point is on the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls.Indeed, Danger Point - or Viewpoint XIV - is best viewed during the dry season as the spray in summer is often too thick to offer any good sightings of the Falls. From this point, one can clearly see how the river has been divided into two by the rocky islands above the Falls, with the eastern flow coming down the Eastern Cataract.
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During winter, the Eastern Cataract dries up altogether, exposing the underlying geology of the Victoria Falls. It is possible to walk along the edge of the Eastern Cataract from the Zambian side of Vic Falls during the dry season.

From Danger Point, you have the choice of going back to the car park through the small patch of grassland or going on to the final outlook.

There are often baboons foraging in the grassland here and occasionally bushbuck or waterbuck may be seen.

Viewpoint XV looks out over the second gorge - the mother of the present-day Victoria Falls - and the metal wonder of the cantilevered bridge. If you are lucky, you might also witness someone flinging themselves off the bridge - but with a bungee cord attached to their legs, of course!

Down river, you can catch a glimpse of the sluice outlets of the power station.

From this point, you can head straight back to the main gate and exit - a walk of about a kilometre or, alternatively, wander back along the main Falls and walk the way you came or, just a short distance after the bridge on the main walk, there is a path that takes you back to the main gate through the centre of the rain-forest - which is a great place to do some birding and look out for small game.

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