Eastern Cataract at Victoria Falls

© David Rogers
Eastern cataract in the dry winter.
Victoria Falls Eastern Cataract with Devil's Cataract in the distance. Zimbabwe on the right and Zambia to the left. During the dry season, it is sometimes possible to walk along the top of the Eastern Cataract and Rainbow Falls as no water is coming over the edge at that time.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with the chance to see Victoria Falls from a perspective few have. If it's dry enough, you can continue all the way to Livingstone Island and share the same view that David Livingstone first had of the Falls.

In the wet season, for obvious reasons, the walk is impossible as water flows over the Eastern Cataract and Rainbow Falls, but Livingstone Island is still accessible by boat.

Please note, however, that, at the time of publication, access along the Northern Wall was strictly controlled and bookings with private concession holders must be made to access the walk or Livingstone Island. Numbers are also limited. Check with your booking agent or hotel guest services for access details.

Sherlock Holmes at the Falls

One of television's more forgettable dramas was the 1991 series Sherlock Holmes - Incident at Victoria Falls. The drama, starring Christopher Lee as Sherlock Holmes, was written by scriptwriters and not Arthur Conan Doyle. In the series, the famous detective visits the Falls while trying to track down the world's biggest diamond, which went missing between Cape Town and London. Reviewer Jonathan MacCalmot wrote despairingly that the TV series was

"funded by Silvio Berlosconi and cursed with a theme tune that might well have been stolen from some clown-based porn film, the series is full of incomprehensibly surreal moments ... like the attempt at a bizzare sense of humour when a leopard invades one of the actor's rooms and is sent packing with a lamb chop and a Roger Moore one-liner".

Brett Hilton-Barber and Lee R. Berger. Copyright © 2010 Prime Origins.

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