A Plea for Help and Donations from the Orphaned Animals of Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe

Dear Animal Lovers...Africa Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage is a Sanctuary for sick, injured & orphaned animals of Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. Based on the outskirts of Bulawayo,  'Chipangali', meaning Open Friendly Country, was set up in 1973 by Vivian & Paddy Wilson and continues to be run by this wonderful couple to this day, together with their son Kevin, his wife Nicky & a staff of around 40 Zimbabweans.An entirely barren 20 hectare piece of land saw the start of this great venture and since then a lot of hard work, dedication and determination have gone into building this wildlife haven. Chipangali has overcome all the many obstacles laid in its path over some extremely harsh years is currently home to many animals, birds and reptiles, including leopard, lion, cheetah, hyaena, birds of prey, antelope, crocodile, the endangered black rhino, wild dog, and many more besides.But day to day living in Zimbabwe is becoming an increasing strain on one and all. It has been a struggle for a long time of course, but Chipangali has always managed to work through each situation with strength and determination. But have reached the point where they need to ask for financial assistance from the animal loving public.Viv Wilson is Zimbabwe's answer perhaps to David Attenborough. A great conservationist since a young boy, Viv has taken on many remarkable challenges throughout his life now in his early 70s, continues to do so.

Aside from his great achievements working with animals, his work in the field of research throughout much of Africa is also widely known throughout the world. Many papers have been compiled, many books written, many surveys conducted. An entire lifetime's dedication to the wildlife of Africa. Perhaps you used to watch Orphans of the Wild on television, starring Viv in the main role, together with Marshall Thompson of Daktari fame.Living in Zimbabwe, the Orphaned Animals of Chipangali are really taking the strain from politics, in which they play no part.  Much of what we have here today is as a result of the continued and valued support of visitors, adoption sponsors and donors.

Ways in which YOU might Help...

Friends or family might like to Adopt one of our adorable Orphans for themselves or for a loved one. Perhaps a car boot sale or auction being held could donate its proceeds to the Orphaned Animals of Chipangali.

Your local Sports Club or School might like to adopt an Orphaned Animal as their Club Mascot! Perhaps you know someone who is writing a book who might be prepared to offer a small percentage of the proceeds as a contribution. Maybe the local children in your area might be keen to organise fundraising events in their Schools, the proceeds of which could go to our Orphaned Animals.

A local community group such as The Lions, The Rotary Club, a gardening group, sporting groups, or other such groups of people, might wish to fund a single project, perhaps to refurbish an old, or build a new, Animal Enclosure, whereupon we would place a plaque on it stating that your Club paid for that particular venture.

You might be prepared to fund maintenance of repairs to our research Vehicles (mostly Land Rovers), or the fuel used for our many valuable research expeditions into the National Parks of Zimbabwe.Perhaps you know people (young or old) who might like to join our Overseas Volunteer Programme, be it for a week or some months, and experience hands-on contact with African Wildlife, whilst at the same time financially supporting Chipangali. Or your Club might simply wish to make a Donation.

E-mail Addresses

For further information or details on how to donate and how your donations can assist the Chipangali Orphanage, contact these addresess. info@chipangali.com

Visit the Web Site

Africa Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage Website: https://www.chipangali.com

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