Mount Elgon
Unusual Elephants and Interesting Bio-Diversity

Mt Elgon is an extinct volcano and like Mt. Kenya, offers similar trekking possibilities. Its location in the far west of Kenya makes it less popular than Mt. Kenya, but the lower altitude means that conditions are not as extreme.The mountains biggest attraction are its Elephants, renowned for digging salt from the floor of caves on the lower eastern slopes. Four main caves are open to visitors one of which (Mackingeny) has a waterfall cascading across the entrance. Kitum is the one where you are most likely to see Elephants, especially if you get there before dawn.Distinct vegetation changes occur on the trek up the mountain with rainforest at the base, followed by bamboo jungle leading to alpine moorland with giant lobelia and groundsel.

Depending upon their preferred terrain, you may see black and white Colobus Monkeys, Baboons and large colourful squawking birds like Turacos and Hornbills. Grazing the grasslands are Buffalo, while Bushbuck, Giant Forest Hog and little Duiker Antelopes forage in the undergrowth.Mt Elgon can be wet at any time of the year but the driest months are usually December to February.

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