Kenya Safari Guide

Kenya safari guide travel articles on safari destinations in Kenya as well as attractions and highlights. Read first hand reviews by travel writers.

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Embark on a Kenyan safari and explore the fascinating wildlife and breathtaking scenery of East Africa.

With so many incredible safari destinations to explore, this guide can ensure you get the most out of your journey by inspiring you to visit the most amazing sites and providing expert insight and knowledge about the surrounding area.

Check out these travel articles detailing some of Kenya's premier safari destinations - from open grassland havens with large herds of elephants, to remote wilderness teeming with zebras, wildebeests and gazelles - for an exciting, unforgettable experience!

A Kenyan Love Story

The lasting legacy of Joy and George Adamson is the Born Free story, which is about how they raised and then de-habituated the lioness Elsa ...more

Kenya Nature Reserves

Best Kenya National Reserves and Parks. The Masai Mara National Reserve is a nature reserve in Kenya and home to the vast Serengeti Plains, ...more

The Maasai Tribe, East Africa

The Maasai tribe are an indigenous ethnic group in Africa. Kenya is an iconic African safari destination and home to the Maasai tribe. The M...more

Great Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley is a perplexing place and always has been. People have lived here since there were people, and pre-humans (as well as ...more

Lewa Downs Wildlife Conservancy and Il Ngwesi Ranch

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is a private reserve in north-east Kenya, which has a reputation for preserving endangered species including h...more

Meru National Park in Kenya

Meru was once home to Elsa - the 'Born Free' lion cub raised by Joy and George Adamson. Their pioneering work of releasing captive-raised li...more

Mount Elgon. Unusual Elephants and Interesting Bio-Diversity

Mt Elgon is an extinct volcano and like Mt. Kenya, offers similar trekking possibilities. Its location in the far west of Kenya makes it les...more

Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs National Reserves in Kenya

Frontier country is usually a wild place where battles are fought between established and new forces. In the north of Kenya it was the Briti...more

Shimba Hills National Forest Reserve in Kenya

After a mere one hour drive from Kenya's Indian Ocean through undulating farming country and colourful villages, you arrive in the beautiful...more

Taita Hills Game Sanctuary in Kenya

Taita Hills Game Sanctuary lies between Tsavo East and Tsavo West parks in the south of Kenya. The dramatic hills rise from the plains and c...more

Kenya Entertainment and Attractions FAQ

What is the Food & Cuisine Like? Nairobi offers some of the finest dining establishments in Kenya. What can I buy when shopping in Kenya? Ke...more

Kenya Health Requirements FAQ

What vaccinations or medications should I get? It is advisable to seek the advice of a medical professional with regards to vaccinations req...more

Kenya Wildlife Photography FAQ

What type of wildlife will I see in Kenya? Kenya is home to a diverse and impressive range of wildlife and offers an exceptional wildlife vi...more

Kenya Safari Guide

Kenya is often referred to as the "home of the African safari" as the African safari originated in Kenya. One of the highlights of a Kenya s...more

Cities and Towns of Kenya

This travel guide describes towns and cities in Kenya from the famous beach and safari capital Nairobi with its hustle and bustle to busy tr...more

Origins of the African Safari

This Travel guide explains why the Africa safaris we know today were very much influenced by the first Kenya safaris. During the 20th centur...more

Lamu Island, Kenya's Indian Ocean Paradise

This dreamy island sits in the warm Indian Ocean off Kenya's coast where time has all but stopped. It has somehow forgotten to keep up with ...more

Elephant Orphans of Kenya - The David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for Orphaned Elephants in Nairobi, Kenya, offers hope for one of Africa's Big Five animals. The Elephant ...more

The Samburu Tribe of Kenya and East Africa

The Samburu tribe lives in Northern Kenya, in the geographically fascinating Rift Valley, north of the equator. The Samburu people are close...more

Films and Books inspired by Kenya

Films and books inspired by Kenya were a great success. Movies like Out of Africa, by Karen Blixen, features her experiences and relationshi...more

The Great Migration, East Africa

There are many wonders in the natural world but few can match the spectacle that is the Great Wildebeest Migration of East Africa. Almost tw...more

Kenya Images

This Kenya Image Gallery shows fascinating Kenya Wildlife photographs and regional images taken by Leigh Kemp, Travel Writer at Siyabona Afr...more

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