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Tram getting ready for departure on The Sunset Run.
Step back in time while on a Victoria Falls Tram Bridge Tour which offers one of the most spectacular views of one of the World's greatest natural wonders. Come and experience the Victoria Falls in the elegant style of a bygone era. It is said that Cecil John Rhodes wanted the Victoria Falls Bridge constructed so that passengers crossing the bridge would feel the spray from the Falls on their faces, and it offers a magnificent view of the Victoria Falls. You can experience this thrill from a bygone era on a tram tour.

Victoria Falls Tram Morning Bridge Tour

The morning tour starts with a stroll down a red carpet from the iconic Victoria Falls Hotel to the platform at the Victoria Falls Station. After savouring delicious refreshments, you will board the 19th century tram, and go on a journey through the town of Victoria Falls, passing into the bush of the National Park which teems with wildlife. Then the tram will enter the beautiful Victoria Falls Rainforest which is sustained by spray from the cascades of the mighty Victoria Falls.

The tram will then stop right in the middle of the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge. You will be suspended over the chasm of the gorge with the raging Zambezi 111 meters below. You will be between two countries - Zambia and Zimbabwe. You will have a wonderful view directly onto the Victoria Falls themselves. You will disembark and do a Historic Bridge Tour, a humorous tour that covers the history of the bridge.

The Bridge Tour ends at the Bridge Information Centre and if you are a thrill seeker you will be given the opportunity to bungee jump off the Bridge, do the Gorge Swing or the Bridge Slide. The other passengers will relax and watch the action from the Bridge Cafe. You may want to order a bite to eat at the cafe (not included) before once again boarding the tram for the return journey to the Victoria Falls Station.

Passengers assemble in front of the Victoria Falls Hotel at 09:45 and the tour departs at approximately 10:00 and returns at 12:30.

The Victoria Falls Tram and Bridge Champagne Sunset Tour

A great alternative to doing a sunset cruise is to do the Victoria Falls Tram and Bridge Champagne Sunset Tour. This tour also starts with a walk down a long red carpet (how to feel like a celeb) before boarding the historic tram. Travel through the town and the scenic Rainforest, which is sustained by the mist created by the cascades, perhaps spotting rainforest wildlife.

The tram will stop in the middle of the Bridge, with the Zambezi an eye-watering 111 meters below. You will disembark and watch a bungee jumping demonstration by the Bungee Flying Squad before walking across the bridge to the Bridge Information Centre where you will sip a glass of bubbly and watch a short theatrical presentation about the history of the bridge.

Then sit back, relax and take in the magnificent sunset over the Victoria Falls and the gorge while having another drink. There will be further demonstrations of the Bungee, Swing or Slide and guests who wish to attempt one of the adrenaline activities will have an opportunity to do so. Then as darkness descends a toot will signal that it is time to once again board the tram and head back to the Victoria Falls Station.

Passengers assemble in front of the Victoria Falls Hotel at approximately 16:30 and the tour departs at 16:45 and returns at 18:45.Brett Hilton-Barber and Lee R. Berger. Copyright © 2010 Prime Origins.

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