Victoria Falls - The Adrenalin Capital of Africa

Don't say you weren't warned. You must go into the Victoria Falls adventure zone with your eyes wide open. By definition, Victoria Falls's reputation as the 'adrenalin capital of Africa' means there is an element of danger to many of the activities on offer.There wouldn't be any point otherwise. Right?

And, as in any dangerous activity, there are sometimes accidents. That is why you will be required to sign an indemnity form for almost any activity you sign up for. Don't argue the toss. You bear your own risk. However, for such an action-filled adventure breakaway, there have been remarkably few fatalities at Victoria Falls.

Yes, there have been deaths, particularly on the white water rafting expeditions. And each one precipitates a bout of soul searching among the operators who deal with the continual problem of finding a balance between safety and danger.

Their business depends on ensuring that all activities are safe, yet at the same time they compete for thrills. There have often been some close shaves, for instance, a thirtieth wedding anniversary trip by a South African school teacher in 2004 nearly ended in tragedy when the elephant she was riding walked beneath some low hanging branches and knocked her off its back.

There has, however, never been a fatality at the world-renowned bungee jump where you drop 111m down a narrow gorge, stopping just metres above the raging waters of an ancient geological shrine known as the Boiling Pot. The lesson is to treat nature with respect. Respect your own life.

Use only licensed operators. Safety standards have never been higher at Victoria Falls. Established operators have learnt from experience how to provide maximum safety without compromising their client's sense of adventure.

Victoria Falls is not a virtual experience. It cannot be simulated by a multi media experience. You have to be there. Whether you are standing on the lip of the rainforest staring into the raging gorge, bouncing around madly on a raft on the white water rapids, tumbling at 120km/h down the side of a cliff or simply sipping a gin and tonic on a Zambezi sunset cruise, you will be deeply aware and appreciative of the authenticity of the experience.

Brett Hilton-Barber and Lee R. Berger. Copyright © 2010 Prime Origins.

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