Cultural Experiences at Dumazulu Lodge

Spend an unforgettable KwaZulu Natal vacation at Dumazulu, a traditional Zulu village.

Zulu Village Tour

Spend your KwaZulu Natal vacation at Dumazulu, where over 60 Zulu residents form part of a 'living museum' and carry out daily age old manufacturing traditions which include spear, shield and clay pot making, basket weaving, bead work and Sangoma (traditional healer) bone throwing and traditional beer brewing.

The cultural experience culminates in a variety of spectacular Zulu dances that will fill your KwaZulu Natal vacation in South Africa with unforgettable memories.

Bird and Reptile Park

Dumazulu Reptile Park has a large variety of snakes including Black mamba, Green mamba, Forest cobra, Boomslang, Python, Puff adders, Spitting cobra, House snakes, File snakes, Banded cobra, Rinkhals, Vine snake, Twig snakes, African egg eater. Monitor lizards and exotic imported snakes including Rattle snakes, Boa Constrictors and Anacondas. Observe an abundance of birds soaring in their natural habitat.


Walkways connects you to the main dining area and bar where you can end off a tour enjoying a delicious meal or refreshments, thereafter enjoy a visit to the world-renowned curio shop for some reminiscing gifts.

Activities at Dumazulu Lodge

  • Game Drives - Hluhluwe, Umfolozi or Mkuze Game Reserves in open vehicles
  • St Lucia Lake Experience on request
  • Snorkelling/Scuba diving or fishing trips at Sodwana Bay on request
  • Kayak Safaris at St Lucia on request
  • Daily whale watching trips on request
  • Exclusive boat cruise on neighbouring property – maximum 8 guests
  • Dumazulu Cultural Experience (Show)

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