Riding with Zebras on a Horseback Safari

Riding on horseback through the African wilderness, racing through streams and across savannah plains alongside Zebra and other abundant wildlife, is a must-do experience when on safari in the Limpopo province of South Africa.From beginners to experienced riders both young and old, the chance to explore the African bush amongst the wild animals found in South Africa's game reserves is an incredible, must-do attraction.The horses range from large strong thoroughbreds to beautiful and exciting crossbreeds. For the littlies there is also a selection of ponies and great care and attention to detail is made at selecting the perfect horse or pony for especially for you. Carefully trained, the horses are very reliable and highly responsive, allowing you to relax and let take control and show you the landscape before you.Wander across the plains, led by your highly knowledgeable and experienced guide, meandering past an incredible variety of game animals from Rhino and Buffalo to Eland, Zebra and Kudu. Nothing can compare to coming across a family of Giraffe, who when spooked by a nearby sound take off in gangly flight with you in pursuit, riding gracefully alongside them.Spend the late afternoon watching a herd of grazing Zebra peacefully munching on the grasses around you and then canter across to a viewpoint where your guide presents you with an ice-cold local beer or a delicious glass of wine as the sunsets before you, turning the sky a bright array of colours.The rides, both in difficulty and duration are tailor-made to suit the group's needs and no one is made to ride of longer than they are comfortable. There are usually two guides per group and should half the group be more competent in riding than the other half then the groups can easily split, allowing one party to return to the comfort of their luxury safari lodge while the other can continue riding.Game lodges that offer guided horseback safaris also offer guided game viewing drives and walking safaris so even those guests that are not keen on horses riding will be able to experience the beauty and splendour of the African bush.

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