Africa on Foot - Set Out on a Bush Walk

Experience the African bush in an up close and intimate way when you set out on a walking safari through some of South Africa's most beautiful wilderness.Breathing in the fresh air and stretching your legs are two very good reasons to set out on a walking safari, but the experience is so much more than that. A walking safari is a unique and intimate experience where you can be close to the ground, in nature, following the paths of the Kudu, Lion or Zebra that may have walked in front of you just a few hours before.Most safaris nowadays are experienced on the back of comfortable 4X4 vehicles with skilled guides manoeuvring the vehicle along predefined sandy paths in search of Elephant, Lion, Giraffe or any of the abundant game animals found within the African bush. And these experiences are exceptional as you are able to view incredible wildlife sightings and capture magnificent photographs of the animal in front of you.But a walking safari is something different. The thought of walking along the ground, away from the safety of your vehicle, seeing the footprints (spoor) of the animals in the ground next to your foot, makes your heart beat a little faster, makes you breathe a little heavier and makes the African bush become all the more magical and wild.

Safari Lodges Offering Bush Walking

There are many safari lodges in Limpopo that offer excellent bush walk safaris as part of the activities when staying at these lodges.

On foot your experienced ranger, with gun in hand - which acts as a constant reminder that you are in fact out in the open bush - is able to teach you more about the intricacies of the bush, stopping to point out the small shrub next to you and explaining what it could be used for medicinally or to show you the tiniest tracks of a dung beetle or a chameleon in the sand.A walking safari allows you to experience the African bush with all of your senses. It allows you to feel the ground beneath you, to smell the scents given off by the trees and plants around you and to hear the faint rustlings in the bush, rustling you would not have heard when crunching through the bush on the back of a safari vehicle.

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