Victoria Falls Game Viewing Safaris

Victoria Falls is not a safari destination in the true sense of the word. However, you are sure to come across animals during your visit - particularly on the Zimbabwean side, as the town of Victoria Falls itself is in a protected wildlife area.It is not unusual to see warthog and baboons in the main street of the town, and buffalo and elephant are frequently encountered on the surrounding roads. One of the cardinal rules of African game viewing is not to feed the animals, as feeding them encourages unpredictable behaviour on their part. The best game viewing is offered by private operators who take guided tours into the national parks.

Armchair Game Viewing

One of the easiest places from which to view game is from Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. The Buffalo Bar overlooks a floodlit water hole in the Zambezi National Park.

There is almost always some form of animal activity at the water hole, which is about 200m away from the viewing deck. Buffalo, kudu and impala are regulars while, at night, hyaenas and sometimes lions have been seen. Most of the Zambian river lodges are good for game viewing.

At Umkhamba Platform at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, you can enjoy game viewing in comfort and safety and have the elephants wander up close and curious.


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They are among the most commonly seen animals in the Victoria Falls area, often browsing by the side of the road and wandering into Victoria Falls village itself. Warthogs use their tusks for digging and defence. The top tusks - which grow up to 60cm - are used to dig out roots, tubers and bulbs, while the shorter, sharper, lower tusks (15cm) are used to fight off enemies.

The lower tusks are kept sharp by the pig rubbing them against the upper tusks. Warthogs go into their burrows backwards so that they can use their tusks against any predator foolish enough to enter their holes.

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