Booking your Holiday with Siyabona

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Siyabona Africa's Travel With Confidence Guarantee ensures that all destination information is correct and that the third-party service providers and operators are registered and reputable.

The 'Big Five' of Siyabona Africa

As a registered member of recognised travel and tourism authorities, Siyabona Africa deals only with registered service providers.In keeping with our accreditation, we also ensure that all client financial transactions are fully secure when booking on line.

1. Plain and Simple Prices

No hidden charges. No booking fees. No extras. All taxes and surcharges are included in the prices you see.

2. No Fine Print

Unlike other travel company practices, you'll find that all prices are inclusive of breakfast when you book your hotel room with Siyabona Africa. Siyabona Africa also provides all pre-departure information to you before you travel - ensuring that you are informed of all arrangements and conditions upfront.

3. Full Customer Service Support

Siyabona Africa invests a lot of time and effort to ensure that all guests experience the highest standards of customer care. To begin with, Siyabona Africa's carefully selected travel products ensure that guests are provided with the optimum blend of facilities and destinations.

From our user-friendly websites, to the streamlined secure booking process and the after-sales care, Siyabona Africa is with you every step of the way.

Clicking on the 'Book Now' button does not mean the end of customer service, it's just the start.

4. Your Privacy

When you book with Siyabona Africa you can be assured that your details are 100% safe, as all guest transactions are protected.

All bookings are pre-paid and paid up front in full to ensure your reservation is in place. Your personal details are kept secure to ensure your privacy.

Siyabona Africa does not sell or share your personal information to any third parties.

5. Travel Insurance

Let us advise you on the best travel insurance. Insure your life, your luggage, missed flight, replacement airfare, cash, documents and more whilst travelling in South Africa and neighbouring Southern African states.

For Your Well-being

Our Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance offers a complete and reliable airlift evacuation, giving you added reassurance whilst travelling.

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