Meet Our Award Winning Travel Writers

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Meet the Siyabona Travel Writers.
Siyabona Africa Travel Writers have visited all the destinations they review.

Carrie Hampton

Freelance travel writer, photojournalist and safari specialist, Carrie is a contributing writer on many of the Siyabona Travel websites. 'With so much choices of accommodation in more than eighty safari regions, it is extremely hard to know what and where to choose...' but she does an outstanding job. Having personally visited over 90 safari lodges, and personally written guidebooks, coffee table books and articles on the subject, she never tires of going on safari.

Heather Willmore

A travel writer for Siyabona Africa, Heather has explored the travel industry in South Africa and the UK over almost 20 years. After a decade of travel consulting, she became Editor of a monthly travel trade publication before a sojourn into motherhood and overseas travel to the UK, New Zealand and Australia. She has worked for a hotel company, a global car rental company and a tour operator. At Siyabona, she has written extensively on everything and anything of interest to the intrepid traveller and also put together informational guides for various destinations.

Jacques Marais

Professional photographer and writer at large for a range of travel, airline and outdoor publications in Southern Africa, Jacques specialises in features on adventure travel, action sport and eco destinations. Photography has been his hobby since he first discovered his mother's Box Brownie. Many of Jacques features appear in Siyabona Africa's Travel Articles category, with his photography. So when you are reading up on your prospective destination, it could well be Jacques who was there to report.

Jeremy Jowell

Jeremy spends a lot of his time on holiday; In fact, most of his time. For this very reason, Jeremy is able to supply Siyabona Africa with incredible information and imagery about Botswana, Namibia and other regions of Africa. His published magazine documentaries also appear in Siyabona Africa's Travel Article category on many of the Travel Sites.

Laurianne Claase

Laurianne is a freelance writer and photojournalist based in Cape Town. She supported her life-long travel bug by chamber-maiding in a Scottish hotel, making beds and breakfast on a live-aboard diving boat in the Red Sea, as well as teaching English in Taiwan before deciding that travel writing would be a means to an end. Laurianne promotes Southern Africa as a destination through word and picture in a variety of print and online media.

Her work has been featured in an array of national and international glossies such as Marie Claire (SA) and Conde Nast Traveller, UK. Online, she has compiled and contributed to travel guidebooks as well as to popular international e-zines and is Africa editor for the award-winning

Gemma Pitcher

Gemma is an experienced freelance travel writer and consultant, having published numerous books and articles based around Sub Saharan Africa. She has spent much of her time over the last ten years travelling in the region, writing several coffee table books as well as travel guides for Lonely Planet. Her book Zanzibar Style was voted one of the Top 20 Travel Books of the Year by the Times in 2001.

She has also organised numerous luxury holidays to East Africa as part of her freelance tour operating activities.

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