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Our Destination Specialists are always on hand to assist in making hassle-free travel experiences in Africa.

Accommodation Definitions Guide

This is the definitive accommodation types and styles guide. Here you will be able to understand what to expect from each type of accommodat...more

Cheaper Is Not Always Better, Especially when Travelling in Africa

Avoid negative surprises and trust an Africa travel specialist who will always give you the best deal. A cheap deal in Africa is not always ...more

Frequently Asked Questions about Travelling in Africa

To ensure that you Travel with Confidence...Frequently Asked Questions...prepare for a well earned journey through of a lif...more

Health Notices for Travelling in Africa

If you have any doubts whatsoever regarding your own personal physical condition or medical history - you are advised to consult your physic...more

How to Pay for Your Accommodation, Safari or Tour - Payment Options

At Siyabona Africa, we have teamed up with selected online payment Bank partners to give you payment choices, enabling us to process credit ...more

How to Select the Right Vacation for You and Your Family

In most instances, the information provided by our Travel websites will contain all the information you need in order to know exactly...more

Introduction to South Africa

Learn the basics about South Africa before you travel. Find out about the scenery, currency, climate, minimum and maximum temperatures, Krug...more

Kruger Park Malaria Information

Kruger National Park is a high risk Malaria area from October to May. It is a well-known fact that malaria is one of the most serious...more

On Safari in Africa - Service Levels Explained

We break down our service level offerings at safari lodges into five categories, classes in order to give you an indication of what to expec...more

Our Emergency Medical Evacuation Policy

As part of our Travel With Confidence program, we offer you the option of comprehensive Emergency Air Medical Evacuation insurance...more

Responsible Travel Equals Sustainable Tourism

As part of our environmental awareness strategy, Siyabona Africa has formed alliances and partnerships with tour operators whose environment...more

South Africa Tourism VAT Refunds

Foreign tourists visiting South Africa can have their value-added tax (VAT) refunded provided the value of the items purchased exceeds R250....more

The Advantages of Package Tours

Some people think tours and vacation packages are overly regimented or lack adventure or sophistication. The fact is they encompass a tremen...more

The Difference Between Types of Safari and Tour Packages

Tours encompass a tremendous spectrum of tastes, interests and travel styles, despite what some people might think about them being overly r...more

Why Last Minute Travel Arrangements Fail in Africa

Rather book with an Africa Destination Management Company instead of doing last minute bookings. We always double check every booking. Our t...more

Winning Safari and Vacation Strategies

We at Siyabona Africa Travel realize that proper planning for a successful safari, is the first step to enjoying yourself whilst on your jou...more

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