Travel Insurance in Africa

No matter if you're travelling for business or pleasure, international travel involves a degree of risk. Ensure that you are covered for events such as illness, accidents, theft, or unforeseen amendments to travel arrangements.

Why you need Travel Insurance

The best way to ensure that your trip will be as problem-free as possible is to take out a Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy.A good policy covers not only medical and accident, but assistance as well - be it from contacting your family in an emergency, to assisting with replacement of travel documents or giving you legal advice.

Although many credit card companies do offer a degree of cover for your holiday arrangements, Siyabona Africa strongly suggest that you check the full details before travel.

NOTE: Cover is only offered if you purchase your International Airline Ticket by Credit Card.

Many Travel Insurance Companies offer a top-up policy to the credit card cover. A minimum requirement is good medical cover, which will allow for a medical evacuation to hospital, treatment, and repatriation.Your Travel Insurance Policy should be purchased as soon as you have made your final holiday arrangements, and is usually available through the agency which issues your International Ticket.Siyabona Africa is happy to assist with a comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy for clients who travel to South Africa. The policy will cover you for all of the countries that Siyabona Africa offers arrangements to, as long as South Africa is also included in your itinerary.

Travel Insurance Incoming

Siyabona Africa's Incoming travel product is aimed at people who are travelling to South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Namibia. The maximum period of this cover is 12 months.
  • Cover for medical and related expenses
  • Luggage Cover
  • Journey cancellation and curtailment cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Hijack, Hostage or Wrongful Detention Inconvenience cover
  • Emergency assistance available from the world's leading emergency assistance service providers

Please contact Siyabona Africa for further details.

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