Why Last Minute Travel Arrangements Fail in Africa

Avoid negative travel experiences by booking with a specialist Destination Management Company for the African continent. We at Siyabona Africa know about the customer's expectations, their needs and wishes.

Our expert Travel Consultants always double check every single booking, every single detail, every number or word. We have an enquiry turn-around time of 24 hours and ensure a comfortable booking procedure, peace of mind and accurate handling of your travel request. Our travel services are done at no extra cost for you.

And, you can avoid the type of situation described below...

Last minute bookings in Africa? - No problem...

just wait 5 minutes, or 10... or an hour... or days... 'TIA' - This is Africa: an expression that describes the special way of handling everyday life in this beautiful continent. Everything is a bit different in Africa - in a very good way. Where else in the world have you so many different cultures and lifestyle combined in one country than for example in South Africa?

Where else can you see amazing wildlife and fascinating creatures in their natural habitat? What other continent combines spectacular landscapes, scenic coastlines, red soil, beautiful flowers, dry deserts, lush forests, cultural villages and cows or sheep crossing the highway? Where else are people waiting happily in a long supermarket queue that doesn't seem move at all - typical life in Africa.

Generally speaking, in Africa, everything is a bit slower, a bit more relaxed and a bit more chaotic. Therefore, the working mentality, speed of handling enquiries and way of organizing things completely differs from methods in other parts of the world.

Last minutes for most travellers means: I spontaneously want to travel, make up my mind, choose a destination and accommodation type, book, get my invoice, pay, receive a confirmation and am off to my dream destination a day or two later.

Everything works out well, very quickly and I receive exactly what I wanted in the time-frame I expected and was promised. I will have a relaxing, adventurous or inspiring vacation without having to worry about anything.

In Africa, last minute doesn't normally work out. Five minutes in Africa are not the same 5 minutes as in Europe. If you await a reply and are told someone will get back to you in just 5 minutes, you might wait hours or even days.

This is not only due to different work ethics or educational backgrounds but also to technical problems. If you want to book last minute with a cheap operator it might happen that the fax with your booking details never arrives at the hotel of your choice. There were computer problems, power cuts or the cheap travel operator just didn't double check properly or forgot to follow-up.

The problem is: You, the client, already paid the money and expect a professional handling of his enquiry - because that is what you are used to. Now you arrive in Africa, but there is no hotel room booked.

What can you do - try to get a new room that differs in price or standard? What if there is no room left anymore or if the accommodation available is completely out of your budget? In either case, your holiday is ruined.

Put your trust in Siyabona Africa and enjoy the wonders of this fascinating continent. Specialist advice, competent partners, staff from different nationalities and longstanding experience guarantee a travel experience in Africa that goes beyond your expectations!

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