Special Interest Safari Adventure Holidays in Africa

Special Interest Safari Adventure Holidays in Africa offer a variety of fun, unique and active ways to explore the wilderness. Niche specialist safaris include photographic safaris, birding, horseback riding and mountain biking safaris.

These action-packed holidays are aimed at enjoying the natural environment to it’s fullest. Special Interest Safari Adventure Holidays in Africa are catered to the active holidaymaker. Going beyond game drives and hikes, specialist safaris look at a variety of other options to explore the wilderness around you.

Those who love water sports will find many options such as fishing, sailing and even overnight cruises in state of the art houseboats on the river deltas. Go beyond being a spectator, be a part of the safari journey as you challenge and engage with the natural environment around you.

Photographic enthusiasts will be pleased to know there are special interest photographic safaris available to ensure you get to visit the best scenic spots around the reserves. Ride along the peaceful rivers of Tanzania and Botswana, as you snap up rare birdlife, drinking game and watch the reflections of the landscape paint the river surface. Explore special tracks to catch wild birds swoop down on their prey in the midday sun while spotting rare species high above the treetops. Go chimpanzee trekking in Mahale National Park, Tanzania.

Explore unchartered landscapes on a mountain bike safari and experience the exhilarating thrill of going downhill some of the most untamed paths. Exploring the bush on horseback offers a natural option of venturing down some of nature's oldest tracks over the grasslands and mountains.

Fly Camping gets you as close to nature as possible, sleeping under the stars!

If you have specialist safari or unique adventure holiday in mind, let us know so we can assist in creating a memorable holiday.

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