Desert Adventure Holiday in Africa

A desert adventure holiday in Africa offers you the opportunity to explore some of the most majestic landscapes in the world. Quad biking, dune surfing, hot air ballooning are just some of the exciting activities on a desert adventure holiday.

Africa’s diverse landscapes and climates offer so much more to discover upon this mighty continent. The desert adventure holiday offers another unique getaway that allows you to discover more about Africa’s deep red dunes and majestic terrains and the life that occurs there.

Blistering hot and shimmering under the African sun, the desert teems with unique fauna and flora that have been home to the indigenous peoples of the area for centuries. Explore the deep red ribbed dunes and vast landscapes in a variety of exhilarating ways as you brave one of the planet’s harshest climates.

Challenge the high rising sand dunes by 4X4 or do a more daring venture by quadbike. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of overcoming a high dune reaching up into the deep blue sky, then tackling its descent. You can also explore the milder terrains and its dry bush with its unique species of big game such as zebra, buck and rare lions.

The rich fauna also attracts a variety of rare bird species to behold. To really understand this harsh environment, boldly take a walk with the local indigenous peoples who will teach you how to survive in this unforgiving landscape. End your day off in the cooling sunset with a thrilling balloon ride over the vast plateau and soak in the beautiful views from above. Discover the deepest secrets of one of Africa's many untamed worlds with a desert adventure holiday in Africa today.

Unique Desert Getaway

This Damaraland lodge in Namibia is nestled amongst granite boulders for a truly unique desert getaway. Camp Kipwe embodies the Swahili meaning as it 'blesses' the mind, body and soul of every traveller...more

Desert Wildlife Safari

At this Damaraland lodge in Namibia, you really feel like you are in the middle of nowhere tracking wild animals and learning about their behaviour and ecology. This Namibia safari in Damaraland is run in conjunction with 'Save the Rhino Trust'...more

Spectacular Desert Scenery

This Damaraland lodge in Namibia is a fascinating place to experience the past and present of Africa and spectacular Namib desert scenery. Spectacular views and ancient rock formations characterise this rugged area...more

Namib Desert Adventures

Optional activities during this Namib Desert adventure holiday includes a guided tour of Sossusvlei and the Sesriem Canyon, a hiking excursion up the Naukluft Mountains and romantic sundowners in a remote spot of the desert....more

Wild Desert Horses

Klein-Aus Vista neighbours the Namib Naukluft Park with the well-known Namib Feral Horses that have roamed the plains for several generations. Klein-Aus Vista has access to attractions such as the wild desert horses...more

Wildlife, Wilderness and Dunes

Little Kulala offers magnificent dune scenery to the west and rugged Namib desert mountains to the north and east. In between are grassy plains attracting wildlife and 'fairy circles', which make this the most magical of places....more

River & Desert Adventure Holiday

This Namib Desert safari camp is situated in the vast Hartmann Valley and overlooks the Kunene River. The extreme Namib Desert surrounds Serra Cafema Camp....more

Sossusvlei Desert

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is situated in the northern foothills of the vast, privately owned NamibRand Nature Reserve. Wind-sculpted dunes, the highest in the world, and 700-million year-old mountains, cover the reserve....more

Kalahari Desert Adventure

Tswalu offers a real desert experience with breathtaking landscapes and sunsets in this historic home of the bushman. Located in the Kalahari Desert in Northern Cape Province of South Africa...more

Wolwedans Dunes

This Namib desert lodge is the perfect base to discover this unique and diverse desert habitat. Wolwedans offers the nature-loving individual a wonderful desert experience...more

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