Access to Kaya Mawa, Likoma Island

Kaya Mawa beautifully located on Likoma Island, offering you romantic Malawi lodge accommodation and a hassle free holiday.

Likoma Island is located off the eastern shore of Lake Malawi and is a Malawian territory in Mozambican waters which is why it is closer to Mozambique than to mainland Malawi.

Malawi is dominated by Lake Malawi. Its huge dimensions (365 miles by 52 miles, and up to 800m deep) give it the incredible appeareance of a freshwater, inland sea. Its shoreline includes beautiful, untouched beaches and its crystal clear waters provide an abundance of wildlife including over 800 species of tropical freshwater fish, turtles, otters and varied birdlife.

The town is a 45 minute walk from Kaya Mawa, taking you through traditional fishing villages, across the Baobab plains to where the steamer stops twice a week. This is the only transport to and from mainland Malawi. It's a great opportunity to watch the hustle and bustle of Island life.

From the port it's a short stroll to the magnificent Cathedral which is over 100 years old and still one of the largest buildings in the country. The Cathedral is built on the site where the first missionaries witnessed witches being burnt at the stake. Hence the name Chipyela - 'The Place of Burning'.

In the hot season, take an umbrella as the heat can be fierce in the middle of the day. This Africa lodge will provide a guide if necessary but we recommend you explore on your own; the island is free of hustlers, curio-sellers and commission-men, if you get lost the islanders will usually go out of their way to show you the path home.

Getting to Likoma Island

Malawi International Airport is situated in the capital, Lilongwe. Privately chartered flights run directly to Likoma Island, a journey of just 50 minutes. Malawi International also serves Mfuwe in the impressive South Luangwa National Park, bringing these prestigious game reserves within an hours' easy flying time.

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