Mumbo Island and Domwe Island
Lake Malawi National Park

Mumbo Island is a pristine and deserted tropical island in Lake Malawi National Park, while Domwe Island is the largest unpopulated island in Lake Malawi. Both offer superb watersports, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Your Expected Experience:

  • Guests are accommodated on Mumbo or Domwe Island
  • Accommodation located near the southern end of Lake Malawi
  • Spend your days outdoors, snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Easy access to the islands via international flights and local transfers

Mumbo Island and Domwe Island are located on Lake Malawi within the Lake Malawi National Park. Experience the ultimate private island holiday. The tented suites are set on rocks above Lake Malawi's amazingly clear water.

At Mumbo Island and Domwe Island, you can relax in a hammock and enjoy the pristine island vibe or engage in more adventurous Lake Malawi island holiday activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving, which is especially exciting in the crystal clear aquarium that is Lake Malawi. Spot the abundance of cichlid fish and 500 other species of fish in Lake Malawi National Park.

Both islands boast a central relaxation area where you find hammocks, African table games, the dining table and the bar. Excellent meals are presented deliciously with an array of fresh fish, fruit salads, freshly baked bread as well as other local ingredients.

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