Wildlife in Malawi

Malawi is one of the smallest countries in Africa but it inhabits a wide and diverse range of wildlife, making it the ideal country to visit for exciting safari adventures and exploration.

This enchanting country is one of the prime destinations for travellers who seek unforgettable aquatic adventures. Lake Malawi National Park, situated in the southern end of Lake Malawi, is an UNESCO world heritage site, a prime location for endless water activities and home to a myriad of fish species.

The new, private concessionaires in Malawi helped to improve conservation and wildlife viewing. In South Malawi, conservationists at Majete Wildlife Reserve are working on a restocking programme to reintroduce the Big Five to the region and to attract safari-goers to this Malawi safari destination.

Marine Life

The freshwater at Lake Malawi is home to over 500 species of fish. The largest family of fish being the colourful cichlid. Snorkelling in the renowned Lake Malawi gives you the perfect opportunity to witness the picturesque mbuna - meaning rockfish in the native tongue of the Tonga people of Malawi. Diving with the cichlids will be one of your greatest safari experiences.

Lake Malawi is a great place for water activities including deep-sea diving, snorkeling and kayaking. The calm and clear waters and the temperate climate makes Malawi the perfect beach holiday for guests to visit year round.

Embark on exciting fishing trips in the pristine Shire River - through the Liwonde and Majete Private Reserves - are large populations of sungwa and tiger fish.

Bird Life

Malawi is a bird sanctuary with population of 650 species recorded throughout the country. The primary species that wing the Malawi region are woodland and grassland birds. On birdwatching safaris, guests can spot species including Livingstone flycatcher, Lilian's lovebird, fish eagle, kingfishers, egrets and pelicans.

During dry season - May to mid November - breeding birds leave the Malawi region. The best time to visit Malawi for birding safaris is November and December. For the best birding spots in Malawi, visit the five national parks for a bird watching adventure beyond your wildest imagination.


Malawi is renowned for their marine life, but their mammal species are worth a mention. Antelope species are commonly spotted in Malawi game reserves. Visitors to the various Malawi reserves can witness bushbuck, grey duiker, kudu, grysbok, klipspringer, and reedbuck.

The endangered black rhino was recently reintroduced to the Liwonde and Majete National Parks. Among the other large mammal species, large populations of elephant flourish the Malawi bush, and hippos and crocodile can be spotted at the Shire River.

Liwonde National Park

The Liwonde National Park is one of Malawis most popular parks. Game viewing is naturally enhanced in the area due to its location on the up...more

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