Chimpanzee Treks at Greystoke Mahale

The remote Greystoke Mahale is the ideal Lake Tanganyika lodge from which to enjoy a jungle and beach holiday and go on adventurous Chimpanzee treks.

A Tanzania vacation at Greystoke Mahale offers a variety of activities for your entertainment. This is the place where jungle meets beach, where you can explore and become an African safari adventurer.

While on your safari in Tanzania you can walk in the jungle while Chimpanzees, Colobus or Blue monkeys chatter in the trees. You might even have some close encounters with the Chimpanzees, who have been studied for some years.

On the vast freshwater of Lake Tanganyika, you can take a traditional dhow or a canoe to explore the lakeshore and perhaps do some fishing for your safari in Tanzania experience. Take advice on swimming as there are Crocodile in the lake.

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