Experiences at Fugitives Drift Lodge and Guest House

Fugitives Drift offers various activities for guests, including many interesting Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift battlefields tours, as well as fishing and horse riding and nature walks.

When staying at Fugitives Drift Lodgeit is recommended that you arrive in time for lunch in order to do the afternoon tour to Rorke's Drift and then you will do the Isandlwana tour the following morning and leave after lunch.

Isandlwana Battlefields Tour

The Isandlwana Battlefields Tour starts in the morning by leaving Fugitives Drift Lodge and returns by lunchtime. Guests leave the lodge in a closed vehicle while listening to the narrative recorded by David Rattray. 

The narrative provides a background to the conflict and waves from the early history of South Africa. A couple of stops are made en route to the Isandlwana battlefield while the guide tells the stories and gives the guests an idea of how the invasion started.

Rorke's Drift Battlefields Tour

Rorke's Drift Battlefield is viewed first from the Nqutu Escarpment, the high ground from where the Zulus attacked the British Camp. The tour then continues to the Isandlwana Museum, then guests are taken onto the Rorke's Drift Battlefields as stories are being told. At the end of the tour, guests are allowed to roam the battlefield and experience the magnificent space.

The Rorke's Drift Battlefield tour leaves at 3 pm and returns at 6 pm. It starts with a 15-minute excursion in a closed vehicle, while guests experience the narrative recorded by the late David Rattray and then a quick look through the museum where the guests are seated and the story is told. While the sun set guests are allowed to roam around the graves and memorials.

Battlefields for Kids

When visiting Fugitives’ Drift children under 12 years can enjoy tours of the battlefields. These tours exist to inspire children with stories of brave British soldiers and Zulu warriors. Battlefield Tours can be tailored to the age, interest and activity level of the child. Children will be amazed by a game drive at the end of the tour.

Children can also explore on game walks where they will get the opportunity to view giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, kudu, nyala, and other game. On this walking, tour children can learn all about the traditional medicinal uses of the flora and fauna on this land. Kids also have specially prepared dinners and a babysitter available. 

Explore Fugitives Drift

A walk to see the site where Lieutenants Melvill and Coghill lost their lives attempting to save the Queen's Colour, and the drift where 3 Victoria Crosses were won. There is no charge for this tour.

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