Siyabona Africa Destination Specialist

Position Description

The position requires someone who possesses an expert level of knowledge about Africa and its Regions. You must be able to consult clients and create packages about Africa based not only on personal experience but also on extensive product, regional and logistical knowledge.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Travel Industry Work Experience: Minimum 10 - 12 years
  • Diploma/Degree in Travel & Tourism
  • Travel Industry Work Experience: Minimum 16 years

Core Competencies

  • Proven Sales Ability - Sales Driven
  • Expert level of understanding of Africa as a whole
  • Confidently consult on and sell specific Africa Destinations & its Regions
  • Extensive Product Knowledge and excellent logistical expertise
  • Extensive Personal and Educational travel within Africa
  • Able to build original, logistically sound and complex Products/Packages and their day to day itineraries

General Competencies

  • To work independently, using discretion and good judgment
  • To manage multiple tasks and changing priorities
  • To maintain a work volume and quality consistent with Siyabona Africa standards
  • To work in a team environment, supporting management and staff, as well as following company policies
  • Provide feedback and assisting with special projects when necessary

Duties and Responsibilities

Job responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
  • Deal with all travel related enquires via telephone, the internet, Skype and email.
  • Have experienced insight into the client's needs, and be able to expertly match the correct Product/ Package with the client.
  • To build customized Products/Packages for the client including but not limited to air, travel, hotel, transfers, lodges, safari tours and car rentals, and follow up with the client when necessary to secure the sale.
  • It is a Destination Specialist's duty to maintain and promote professional and courteous client relations by being prompt and accurate in their communications.
  • Demonstrate professional customer service skills.
  • To follow up with clients on completion of their trip for feedback on the experience.
  • Respond to incoming enquiries immediately with a quick first response - more detailed correspondence within a 12 hour window and no longer than 24 hours of client's initial contact.
  • It is a Destination Specialist's duty to remain informed of all industry rules, processes and regulations, including having a thorough understanding of the Standard Tour Operator rates and contracts.
  • To have a deep understanding of all standard tour operator procedures, profit margins, hidden costs, currency conversions, payments, pricing, invoicing etc.
  • Know and properly use airline terminology, codes, fare basis, aviation rules and tariffs, resource guides, books and industry contacts.
  • Answer the after hours / emergency phone for a week on a rotational basis to attend to clients currently travelling with Siyabona Africa.
  • Build original, logistically sound and complex Packages and their day to day itineraries
  • Train and provide general guidance to Junior Staff
  • Maintain excellent business to business relationships
  • Deal with complex problems or complaints from suppliers or clients that may arise
  • Main focus on the luxury market and groups


Your up-to-date Resume, accompanied by a motivational letter presenting reasons why you think you are person to fill this position, should be e-mailed to Careers

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