Getting the Most out of Victoria Falls

Many travellers make a point of stopping off at Victoria Falls on their way to other destinations in Africa. Here is a guide on how best to spend your 24 to 48 hours in Victoria Falls.A number of visitors often have a very short amount of time to spend in Victoria Falls, but would still like to get as much out of their time as possible and see or do most of the main activities while they are there.

Most Popular Activities

Some of the most popular activities while visiting the Victoria Falls, aside from the incredible sight of the falls themselves, include a scenic helicopter flight over the falls, a swim in the Devils Pool at Livingstone Island, a sunset cruise along the river and for the adrenalin junkies; a bungee jump off of the Victoria Falls Bridge.

Fitting Them All In

But how do you fit all of that into such a short time period; here are a few itineraries that we are sure will help you make the most of your time. Faced with a wide array of tourism activities including game viewing, adventure and adrenalin activities, taking in the scenic beauty surroundings and much more, all too often visitors arrive and leave without having had the chance to tick at least some of the key highlights off the list.

When to Visit

The best time to visit the falls is between December and March when it is the rainy season and the water volume is at its highest and you will be able to experience the impact of the falls at their most extreme. However; this period is also when the spray is at its most and visibility of the falls is often distorted, an issue that is less likely to occur when visiting between April and October when the water volume is lower.

Research and Planning

The first tip given to all visitors to the Victoria Falls, is to do some research, which you are doing already as you are reading this article! So well done! The second tip is to decide which of the activities available you definitely would like to do and then arrive with those in mind - leaving enough time to stand and take in the falls themselves from at least one side. You can always add more to your list should you find that you have more time than you realised.

Talk to a Siyabona consultant about your with list.

A Popular iItinerary

A popular itinerary is one where the evening of arrival is spent on a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. This is an excellent way to view the falls and take in the magnificent sights and scenery all around you. The following day starts early with a scenic helicopter flight over the falls followed by a tour of the Tram and Bridge and lunch at the Rainforest Restaurant where you can immerse yourself in your surroundings, before returning to your hotel for a relaxing evening.

A Little More Time

For those with a little more time available to them canoeing or white water rafting on the river below the falls are both fun filled activities. Canoeing is a slow and relaxed paddle down the stream where you can take in the wildlife and scenery around you while the white water rafting is an adrenalin filled day of paddling and rapids.

Aside from helicopter rides over the falls visitors on the Zambian side can also enjoy a microlight flight.
by Katie Findlay

Creators of Unforgettable Memories in Africa.
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